Wish to rent or let a house, shop or an office in Bahria Town phase 1 - 8 or in DHA ?

To Rent a Property (i.e. house, flat, shop, office etc.)

Here is a general guideline for renting a property in Bahria Town phase 1 – 8 and in DHA (Rawalpindi – Islamabad).

If you want to rent a property, send us an email or call us, and let us know your requirement. We will find your desired property, and once you are happy with it we will do the following.

Step 1: we would prepare a rent agreement form.

Step 2: Both parties have to sign the form. At the time of signing the agreement form the tenant would pay to the owner a deposit (in Pakistan, it is called security) and one month’s rent in advance.

Points to remember:

  1. Some owners charge 1+1 (one security deposit and one month’s rent in advance), and others charge 2+1 (two securities and one month’s rent in advance). And there are some owners who would charge 2+2 (two securities and two months’ rent in advance).

  3. For example, if the rent is 40,000 Rupees per month, and an owner wants 1+1 then he/she would demand Rs 40,000 security + Rs 40,000 rent = 80,000.

  5. 2+1 would be 2*40,000 = 80,000 + 40,000 = 120,000 in advance.

  7. 2+2 would be 2*40,000 + 2*40,000 = 160,000 in advance.

  9. The tenant has to pay whatever the mount is decided between the both parties before s/he moves in the property.

  11. The tenant has the right to terminate the agreement at any time.

  13. The security deposit will be returned back to the tenant when s/he empties the property.

Our commission for our services:

We charge 50% of one month’s rent to the tenant. This means that if the rent is 40,000 we charge 50% of 40,000, which is 20,000.

The owner also pays 50% of one month’s rent to D Company for our services.

If you want to rent a house, flat, shop, or an office contact D Company.


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