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Regarding construction, if you want D Company to build your house on a labour rate. Here are the terms and condition of our labour-rate construction.


  • In a labour-rate contract, it is the owner’s responsibility to provide the construction material on site.
  • Payments are as follows: we charge
  • 10% in advance of the total cost of a house.
  • 30% when first roof is completed.
  • 30% when second roof is completed.
  • 10% when servant quarters and parapet wall are completed.
  • 20% at the end of finishing.
  • For extra work, we will charge half of what was agreed per square feet. This means that you may decide to build something extra in your house, i.e. something that is not included in the initial contract.
  • In a with-material contract, the payment schedule is as follows.
  • We take 35% advance payment before we start the work.
  • Then we take 30% (as a second payment) when 50% of the work is completed.
  • We take 15% (as a third payment) when 75% of the work is completed.
  • We take 20% (as the final payment) on the completion.


An important note:

The labour rate and the rate with material vary according market conditions and owner’s demands and preferences. The best you can do is to call us, and we will quote you the best rate.         

Please bear in mind the following points:

  • We can guarantee that we use A-class material in construction.
  • Before we buy the construction material we get approval of quality from the owner.
  • We keep a construction log at construction site.
  • We hold progress meetings on weekly basis with the owner.
  • We take pictures and make videos of every stage of the construction. So that you could view them at later date.
  • Our engineers and builders have over 20 years of experience in construction. This means that your project is ‘Masha’allah’ in capable hands.




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